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Because the IPT is aligned with the 17 SDGs - Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda in all its activities!
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    Being located in a city at the center of Portugal, it is close to everything. And the quality of life is excellent. In addition, the living cost is much lower.

    Our institution has just over two thousand students, who are spread over the three schools, a fact that brings people closer to our community. This close relationship involves employees, non-teachers and teachers, who ensure the quality of teaching. Thus, we demonstrate that we are one of the best options for studying in Portugal, both in terms of cost and quality.
    You have equal status with any Portuguese student applying under the same conditions as them to all IPT programmes. For Bachelor’s Degrees, applications must be made through the Concurso Nacional de Acesso ao Ensino Superior Público (CNAES), the main access route to higher education in Portugal. You can use the results of national exams taken in your home country.
    In the center of Portugal.

    Both cities belong to the district of Santarém, and are located in the Middle Tejo region. The municipality of Tomar is about 43 km from the municipality of Abrantes. And by the A23 motorway, Abrantes is located about 145 km from the capital of the country.

    We have three schools (Tomar Higher School of Technology [ESTT], Tomar Higher School of Management [ESGT] and Abrantes Higher School of Technology [ESTA]), and more than 60 courses in the areas of: Archeology, Conservation and Restoration and Patrimony; Arts, Design and Communication; Business Sciences; Social Sciences; Engineering; Information and Communication Technologies. Mathematics and physics

    By car: For those traveling on the A1 motorway, exit to the A23 in Torres Novas and follow the signs to Tomar. Whoever comes from Coimbra can leave for Condeixa and follow the N110 road to Tomar, or come on the A13.

    By Train and Bus: Tomar has a bus and train terminal station, located in the center of the municipality. Abrantes also has a bus terminal station.
    Tomar was again considered the best municipality to live in the Middle Tejo region. In addition, it manages to remain firm among the 60 best cities to live, visit and invest in Portugal.

    The city of Abrantes is a commercial and industrial hub of the fertile adjacent agricultural region. It also has a metallurgical and metal-mechanic industry, of national importance.

    If you like music, you can join Tuna. Tuna has its own events, which value participation and promote student involvement and integration.

    If you like culture or sport, the region is full of history to discover. Culture and leisure are included: the Municipal Museum D. Lopo de Almeida; the Outdoor Iron Sculpture Garden; Aquapólis - Parque Urbano Ribeirinho de Abrantes; the António Botto Municipal Library; the São Pedro Cine-theater; Municipal Art Gallery “Quartel”; the Tourist Office; São Lourenço Park; Fluvial Beach of Aldeia do Mato; Skate Park - Abrantes Castle; Municipal Stadium - Sports City (Football Athletics); Sports City Baseball Field; Abrantes Karting Track - Rossio to the South of the Tagus; Castelo Bode Albufeira - for activities such as sailing, canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing and fishing. And if you like adventure, you can participate in the activities of sailing, canoeing, kayaking, wakeboarding and fishing, in the Castelo Bode dam, or you can have fun in the Abrantes Kartódromo.
    An IPT student has a library and several study rooms, a cafeteria, bar and vending machines, free Wi-Fi and accommodation in residences and Social Action services.

    Regarding extracurricular options, we offer the possibility of belonging to the Volleyball, Rugby and Hockey teams at sport level. The Tuna Templar of Tomar and the Knights of Sellium represent the tradition of the city of Tomar, and the ESTATuna of the city of Abrantes.

    We also have the Students Association, which aims to bring the School closer to the student.
    IPT has extensive experience in organizing and participating in programs, on international networks such as Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus, Intensive Programs, EILC, Leonardo, Culture Program, among others. For more information see our page of the Office of International Relations at www.gri.ipt.pt Can I make erasmus at IPT?
    You can contact our Student Point of Contact (SPOC) , by email spoc@ipt.pt, by phone +351 249 328 216, by WhatsAPP (+351 913 950 802) or at www.ipt.pt

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