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About the Seminar

Man between Science and Religion: from the Real Physic to the Sensitive

The Tomar Polytechnic Institute, through the Prehistory Centre and Territory, Archaeology and Heritage Department, is organizing in May, 13th (Friday) and 14th (Saturday), the seminar “Man between Science and Religion: from the Real Physic to the Sensitive”.

It is our goal to promote a meeting between researchers and entities related to religions and philosophies, aiming to maintain an open and proficuous dialog about Man as an active, thinking, sensing being, as by reason as by faith.

Understanding Man implies to have knowledge of this dichotomy, overcoming the idea of human action as an exclusive result of a rational intellectual mechanism. Human behaviour is a consequence of complex processes from anthropic to cosmic understanding, providing vital support to produce the bases for arising ideas and material structures. It is in this sense that understanding different states would be the first step to ascend to these realities, almost always neglected on scientific domains.

This is a time for sitting and analysing Man as a whole, for a deeper understanding of what is to be and how we see us on an intelligible world.


         Invitation letter:

What is matter? How do we feel the immaterial? Since the primary times Man is struggling to achieve an understanding of this questions; partially explained by science, partially by belief.

The material symbols of his behaviour are images of his questions about life, cosmos and his real and unreal perception.

With this seminar it is our intention to go further on our self-knowledge, gathering at the same table the different perceptions of the world (what we may call religions or philosophies) and the current scientific knowledge about sensorial perceptions and the mental processes conforming them.

We will start with many questions trying to arrive with some answers.

 Our goal is to focus three levels of analyse from sensitive to material:

1.         Our debate will start with sensorial perceptions, the making of ideas, the different ways of world perception, existing consciousness and unconscious expansion, thought or energy transmissions, the predictability, the perception of universal, intelligible, destination, spirit and karma self-regulation.

2.         On a second approach, we will turn to mental processes and learning mechanisms, how does the brain work, how does it translate the several outside inputs, how are beliefs created, the why of hallucinations, dreams and involuntary acts, what is the need of communion and investiture rituals.  

3.         After these two approaches, we will try to gather the data to achieve a behavioural praxis, understanding the symbols and gestures, our presence in time and set of performance, recording those behaviours as common to several cultures and chronologies.

These three levels will be presented by three excellence lectures, by worldwide renowned guests from different sciences: Physics, Psychology and Anthropology/Archaeology, opening the discussion table, held all on May, 13th.

On May, 14th the day will be filled by a set of free workshops, from both religious and scientific nature (entrances limited to the number of vacancies).



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